"My wife and I are frequent visitors to Northampton , we live in Vermont and are newly wed , in our 60s. My wife is fairly knowledgable, but I had never had a reading. She suggested that we should go for a joint session  We looked up online for who was practicing in Northampton as we were planning a trip and I found Christian's website right off, That is as far as I looked, its a beautiful site , isn't it? I should say that I was very open to the idea  , so it was easy to pay attention to the way the session went, and  I had no presupposition of what to expect

Christian had done much prep work and was obviously 100 percent engaged form the moment we walked in the door , looking  and listening so carefully and intensely, reading whatever he could from our presence . It was obvious that he had the experience of a lifetime to draw on , with the the ability and will to do that in the moment,.That in my opinion is always a valuable thing in any human endeavor.

The content of the reading was enlightening , some things were  very surprising but clearly on the money about how my wife and I relate to each other  and why.

I found myself trusting the process entirely. We have revisited much of what was covered, and i can say  with certainty that it has helped us to deepen our understanding of each other in what is a very loving but occasionally fiery relationship. 

The experience resonates with me still, Im so very glad that we did this!"

                                                                                        Bruce Sklar