Christian Campe, Astrologer

Astrology is a unique venture. It is based on the correspondence between planetary movements and life on earth, the constellation at birth being a mirror of the guiding principles of our physical and psychic being. Astrology can show the structures that form our character and how they will shape the way we lead our life. But we are not conscious of these structures, of this imprint, that we carry in us from the time we were born throughout our life. The horoscope is your blueprint, drawn by astronomical calculation, it holds the information about you.

There is no other system that can do this. Psychology, despite many efforts, has not come up with any comprehensive model but has mainly focussed on mental and behavioral disorders and their classification. As to their causes and treatment there is wide disagreement within the therapeutic community.

The basic human questions remain unanswered. Who am I? What do I want to accomplish? What makes each of us different and unique, but also, what do we have in common? What motivates me? Why am I drawn to this and dislike that?  - Our individuality is an enigma to us. We act from it but we cannot account for it. Being immersed in the values of our culture and family and how they shape our choices we may lose sight of our path. We are messy creatures, we experience contradictory feelings and are plagued by self-doubt. The astrological reading might help to clear issues about identity and lead to a new experience of self-acceptance and more self-confidence.

We have to take a step back and ask ourselves, point blank: who could we be if we had the courage to be who we are, if we show ourselves as we have been meant to be? The world echoes when I show myself as I have been promised to myself (Peter Sloterdijk) . - And in the words of Heidegger: ‘Volo ut sis’ - I want you to be who you are, to be ready for belonging to your calling (Verheissung).  

As an interpreter of your chart I can lay out your potentials, your talents and strengths and your resources, show you the areas where to enact them best but also will make you aware of your vulnerabilities and the areas where you will be poised to encounter challenges. It just might not always be a pretty picture but definitely a poignant one. Lucian Freud said that any good painting always contains ‘a little bit of poison’. Your chart might just be like a good painting.

In the following chapters (> My Approach) you can get a sense of how I think about astrology, the way how I interpret a chart, as well as some biographical background. Just tap on the respective fields. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest!