Ascendent Pisces  -  the basic feeling of being-in-the-world is one of apprehensiveness, the outside world is perceived as harsh, one feels at the mercy of outer forces; to shape and defend one’s individuality is seen as a burden, it is seen as an isolating loneliness, exposed, unsheltered; the longing is not to defend and fortify it but quite the opposite: to loosen its grip, become more transparent, one’s boundaries becoming more porous and thus to merge more easily with others, and ultimately feeling oneself part of something bigger, all-encompassing; affinity to spiritual and religious experiences; the temperament tends to be sensitive- melancholic; one reacts to all impressions like a seismograph - akin to a mobile that reacts to the slightest draft; as resistance will not be the modus operandi -  physically and psychologically rather ill equipped for that - one will go for adaptability and assimilation to guard and protect oneself, to avoid being hurt and overwhelmed; as a result one develops a finely nuanced range of communicative skills to counter and sublimate the challenges that one will encounter; Pisces as a watery sign holds strong compassion for others, there is the danger of getting overwhelmed; symbol of Pisces are two fish swimming in opposite direction: hesitancy to take a decisive step, quandary which direction to pursue; relies on an intuition rather than reasoning; unwillingness to be ‘realistic’, which is a common reproach from others.

Ascendent Aries -  a robust constitution; a basic feeling of self-confidence, with trust in one’s abilities one moves forward, takes action without a second thought, does not hesitate or doubt. One acts on many fronts, and perhaps not all undertakings are carried through to their end; energy, courage, impatience are typical traits; limitation from outside does not sit well and calls for aggressive response; being stifled calling one’s own shots causes anxiety.

Venus in the 1st house - indicates personal grace and pleasing manner; appearance is important, a personal style.  Being in Aries: one is not shy to express oneself, there is an aggressive and flirtatious note, outgoing and engaging the other; maybe more of a firework than lasting flame.

6th house <> 12th house - motive of agony, ‘passion’ in both; active <> passive

fixed sign/house - focussed, stubborn

square Saturn - authority issues

Saturn 1st house, Sun 10th house - somber, not good enough, take their job seriously

5th house/Leo - persistent, steadfast; wants to hold out forever, striving for immortality

6th house/Virgo - wants both stability (Earth) and flexibility (mutable house/sign)

IC (Imum Coeli) - where we come from

MC (Midheaven) - where we are headed (our ‘mission’, ‘mandate’); status and reputation, our ambition and calling

Ruler of 2nd house in 12th house - having let go of the respectable social settings

Mars on the MC - one flares up easily over issues

Planets in Fire-signs - tend to get easily bored

Mars - the way we pursue what we want, where anger flares up

Mars - definition, separation, competition, desire; “this is me”

Aquarius - uncomfortable with intense emotions

Saturn - to play a ‘role’

MC - to step out into the open, the ‘grand entry'

Moon in Air signs - relaxed when communicating, keeping a distance, enjoying different views, inspiration, finding one’s intellectual ‘tribe’

Diurnal energies (above the horizon) - masculine, active, direct, expressive, overt

Nocturnal energies - feminine, responsive, indirect, impressive, implicit

Sagittarius - don’t tie me down

Jupiter - hot, moist; explosive

Saturn - weight, gross matter; confinement, restriction

Mars - ardor

Venus - conciliation

The house a planet is situated in describes his focus but the signs he rules show the areas that are implicated as well and display the motives that drive his agenda.

Moon square Mars - short temper

Air - light, Earth - gravity, Fire - energy, Water - motion

Aquarius - extending out to others, looking for company of like-minded, Saturn colors this sign with qualities of detachment, objectivity and restraint; the focus is to distance oneself from the immediate and self-centered concerns; to be able to detach reason from emotion; uncomfortable with intimacy and too overt family bonds; the perceived boundaries of race, gender and religion mean very little to Aquarius; emphasis on structure and system

Saturn - harsh presence; in New Age talk: the universe’s version of tough love, taskmaster of the universe; loyalty, courage, resolve

The first six houses - the issues present themselves on their own, casually, they find their outlet

The houses above the horizon - the intention focusses on what is outside of oneself, what needs to be perceived and integrated (third quarter) and find its role in the public realm (fourth quarter)

Mars square - a labor of Sisyphus

Mercury and Jupiter - rulers of the mutable signs, in their role to carry out, implement, develop and sublimate the challenges of the previous two houses

Mercury square Uranus - affecting the nervous system

Moon - unites, fuses, wants to overcome conflict, dislikes willful choices (<> Venus who thrives in distinction and choices)

Mercury - to observers, evaluate, appraise, analyze, utilize; detail, system; accounting, book-keeping; diet, hygiene; to assimilate (<> Scorpio: to eliminate), to fit in; distinction, discrimination, self-awareness; craftsmanship

Moon - an element of squandering and dissipating in the lunar disposition; a force to integrate and protect; passivity of the soul while being very protective; rather leaning to inhibition (<> Saturn: repression)

Sun square Mars - tendency to strike out recklessly

AC - shows the reactive behavior

Moon - being under influence, guided by desire and curiosity (Sehn-sucht); earliest childhood

AC - the instinctive approach toward any given situation, unmeditated

Moon in Gemini - lively, change is welcome, open to encounter the new and unfamiliar, adaptable to different situations, not overly emotional, trying to see things ‘objectively’

Saturn in 1st house - trying to keep a distance, ‘stand-offish’

Jupiter in 7th house - projections and expectation directed on the partner, focussing on the ‘together’, to build a sea-worthy vessel that is going to carry one; tendency to ‘look up’ to the other

Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in 7th house - describe what one is looking for in a partnership

Sun <> Saturn - self-approval is questioned, a constant battle with insecurities

Leo - drama, display

Venus in Pisces - unconditional love

Mars in Aries - looking for a fight

1st quarter - the bundle of subjective and unconditioned responses

7th house - the first house above the horizon; the house of interpersonal dynamics, dealing with other people, meeting them at eye level, one on one, the range from accommodating to coaxing; compensatory action, being re-active; what we find out about ourselves in the encounter with the other; giving due to the other relativises our own stand

Sigmund Freud - Mercury/Uranus in H7

2nd house - to incorporate, augment, spreading, gathering

8th house - to let go, concentrate; intensification

9th house - where values are expressed; trying to influence others; the big story, the tall tale

11th house - emotionally cool; inspired by ideas; distance to any stance that is grounded in ‘nature’

Air-signs - ambivalence (in the symbols the ciphers are doubled).

Cancer - collecting and hording (but no distinction > Gemini, and no utilisation > Virgo)

Libra - opposites are sublimated; the other is not any more object but supplements ourself, mirrors ourself.

The 7th house represents what you are looking for in others in order to complement what you most identify with, whether you do this consciously or unconsciously; what you have to find out about yourself through others; what your partnerships are like.

The 6th house is receptive

Ruler of 7th house in 6th house: service to others in a one-on-one scenario (counseling)

Ruler of 10th in 1st house - professional success related to expression of personality (confidence, physicality)

Gemini in 7th house - great conversationalist, quick, perceptive, logical, amusing, lively

While Saturn gives form, Neptune dissolves.

Venus principle - tactile satisfaction; being concerned with form, joining parts into shape

Moon principle - oral satisfaction; indistinct form, melting, fusing, amalgamating, coalescing

Mars principle - reckless and careless; moves straightforward, no compromises (<> Gemini: tactician; <> Libra: compromise); quick and clear decisions, no scruples, choleric, guided by affects; impressive honesty