"Singularly well educated in the science of astrology, Christian also brings an intuitive grasp of our relationship to the cosmos to the table. Rather than reel off canned phrases, he looks at your unique constellation of influences and carefully explains how they are affecting your life, in real terms. Christian is thorough, thoughtful and otherwise highly educated. If you want a grounded, insightful study which will leave you inspired and eager in the pursuit of self-knowledge, look no further! I found Christian confirmed some things I knew about myself, but also opened up new avenues of understanding. Everything made sense, without trying to diminish the complexity or subtlety of the incredible picture he unfolded. The 3 part reading is especially fruitful. I would highly recommend Thema Kairos to any earnest seeker of the truth."

"What you are doing is important - your work is needed in these times."

                                                                                                      John Rollinson