"I had an amazing reading! He used my planets and signs to create a vivid story which was really grounded in my current situation and lived experiences. He really explained every aspect of my planets (which he normally doesn't do unless you are familiar with astrology/ ask him to explain what he is seeing).
He was extremely organized and prepared for the appointment, and really took me through a story of my chart. Every aspect of my planets fell into place in my chart and his descriptions of their meanings and effects on each other were enlightening and entertaining. He also was very adept at pointing out the potential nuances and alternate interpretations of my chart.
Overall, this was a wonderful, enlightening, and illuminating reading. I highly recommend him." 

                                                                               Diandrea Beckman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

"I am completely new to astrology and all of its intricacies. Christian from the beginning laid out the groundwork and was able to explain to me in detail what it was. Prior to our consultation, he had asked if I had any particular questions regarding one specific area of of my life. I shared what I was interested in and our talk revolved mostly around that topic. Christian was prepared and knowledgeable. He even took the time out to draw my astrological chart on his own which he thoroughly explained to me, ensuring I understood how various symbols interacted with one another, and if it was possible for me to manifest certain things in my own life based on how the individual symbols aligned in relation to one another. I would recommend coming to Christian, if you’re like me, new to the astrology world and are looking to learn more about yourself on a deeper level and gaining a new perspective. Rest assured, even if this is not your first time, there is a likelihood, Christian can answer some of your questions given the number of years of experience he has under his belt."   

                                                                                                       Carissa Vuong    

"Christian was animated and insightful while describing the intricate connections between planets that make up one's unique characteristics and personality traits. I was astounded at how accurately he described my personality as he interpreted the positioning of the planets, and how this affects not only my internal dialogue but how I perceive the world and portray myself to others. I left the reading with more clarity on the root of my complex emotions and a desire to learn about the world of astrology beyond just reading daily horoscopes."

                                                                                                         Rachel Labrie

"Naturally I was skeptical at first, but it all began to feel right once I opened myself to it. It felt transparent and in a good way. The conversation flowed well and I was able to ask questions not only about myself, but about the practice as well. This was a great learning experience that I would gladly do again."

                                                                                                         Orlando Jr. Leach