Ascendent Pisces  -  the basic feeling of being-in-the-world is one of apprehensiveness, the outside world is perceived as harsh, one feels at the mercy of outer forces; to shape and defend one’s individuality is seen as a burden, it is seen as an isolating loneliness, exposed, unsheltered; the longing is not to defend and fortify it but quite the opposite: to loosen its grip, become more transparent, one’s boundaries becoming more porous and thus to merge more easily with others, and ultimately feeling oneself part of something bigger, all-encompassing; affinity to spiritual and religious experiences; the temperament tends to be sensitive- melancholic; one reacts to all impressions like a seismograph - akin to a mobile that reacts to the slightest draft; as resistance will not be the modus operandi -  physically and psychologically rather ill equipped for that - one will go for adaptability and assimilation to guard and protect oneself, to avoid being hurt and overwhelmed; as a result one develops a finely nuanced range of communicative skills to counter and sublimate the challenges that one will encounter; Pisces as a watery sign holds strong compassion for others, there is the danger of getting overwhelmed; symbol of Pisces are two fish swimming in opposite direction: hesitancy to take a decisive step, quandary which direction to pursue; relies on an intuition rather than reasoning; unwillingness to be ‘realistic’, which is a common reproach from others.

Ascendent Aries -  a robust constitution; a basic feeling of self-confidence, with trust in one’s abilities one moves forward, takes action without a second thought, does not hesitate or doubt. One acts on many fronts, and perhaps not all undertakings are carried through to their end; energy, courage, impatience are typical traits; limitation from outside does not sit well and calls for aggressive response; being stifled calling one’s own shots causes anxiety.

Venus in the 1st house - indicates personal grace and pleasing manner; appearance is important, a personal style.  Being in Aries: one is not shy to express oneself, there is an aggressive and flirtatious note, outgoing and engaging the other; maybe more of a firework than lasting flame.