6th house <> 12th house - motive of agony, ‘passion’ in both; active <> passive

fixed sign/house - focussed, stubborn

square Saturn - authority issues

Saturn 1st house, Sun 10th house - somber, not good enough, take their job seriously

5th house/Leo - persistent, steadfast; wants to hold out forever, striving for immortality

6th house/Virgo - wants both stability (Earth) and flexibility (mutable house/sign)

IC (Imum Coeli) - where we come from

MC (Midheaven) - where we are headed (our ‘mission’, ‘mandate’); status and reputation, our ambition and calling

Ruler of 2nd house in 12th house - having let go of the respectable social settings

Mars on the MC - one flares up easily over issues

Planets in Fire-signs - tend to get easily bored

Mars - the way we pursue what we want, where anger flares up