AC - the instinctive approach toward any given situation, unmeditated

Moon in Gemini - lively, change is welcome, open to encounter the new and unfamiliar, adaptable to different situations, not overly emotional, trying to see things ‘objectively’

Saturn in 1st house - trying to keep a distance, ‘stand-offish’

Jupiter in 7th house - projections and expectation directed on the partner, focussing on the ‘together’, to build a sea-worthy vessel that is going to carry one; tendency to ‘look up’ to the other

Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in 7th house - describe what one is looking for in a partnership

Sun <> Saturn - self-approval is questioned, a constant battle with insecurities

Leo - drama, display

Venus in Pisces - unconditional love

Mars in Aries - looking for a fight

1st quarter - the bundle of subjective and unconditioned responses