Air-signs - ambivalence (in the symbols the ciphers are doubled).

Cancer - collecting and hording (but no distinction > Gemini, and no utilisation > Virgo)

Libra - opposites are sublimated; the other is not any more object but supplements ourself, mirrors ourself.

The 7th house represents what you are looking for in others in order to complement what you most identify with, whether you do this consciously or unconsciously; what you have to find out about yourself through others; what your partnerships are like.

The 6th house is receptive

Ruler of 7th house in 6th house: service to others in a one-on-one scenario (counseling)

Ruler of 10th in 1st house - professional success related to expression of personality (confidence, physicality)

Gemini in 7th house - great conversationalist, quick, perceptive, logical, amusing, lively

While Saturn gives form, Neptune dissolves.

Venus principle - tactile satisfaction; being concerned with form, joining parts into shape

Moon principle - oral satisfaction; indistinct form, melting, fusing, amalgamating, coalescing

Mars principle - reckless and careless; moves straightforward, no compromises (<> Gemini: tactician; <> Libra: compromise); quick and clear decisions, no scruples, choleric, guided by affects; impressive honesty