Prediction and delusion

Looking for a good time to pull something off? Hoping to beat the odds? Go on dreaming… Nobody and no ‘system’ can tell you anything about what is going to happen. The future is open and unknown. Plain and simple. So one would think. But the temptation to get just some help from the outside is too big, it seems. Has always been. And ‘astrologers’ peddle their goods by pandering to that weakness. First in line, at least in the US, seems to be Susan Miller, to name just one, with her monthly 'forecasts' for each sun sign. What turns out to be, no surprise here, a totally generic artifice bereft of any individual significance, how could it be otherwise. Shameless chuzpah exploiting widespread gullibility. It is an old story.


There is no way to trick your lot. Find out what you got and how to work with it. The more you know your character the better. It might not (and probably will not) be all good news but that should not surprise you. This way you start to take your lot in your own hands.